We inform you that in order to respond to the needs and requirements of companies and businesses affected by the inconvenience caused by the development and spread of the virus in question, which has generated a substantial slowdown in work activities, ComCart offers its services of SMARTWORKING (CRM, Collaborative Corporate Chat and Hosting) for FREE, in order to ensure that they carry out their regular activities. Our own team, while respecting the rules of the current decree, regarding the restriction of freedom of movement, will continue to work in smart version, using these technologies.


CRM (customer relationship management)

This is one of the most innovative and high-performance tools used to effectively manage relationships with customers, and potential customers, and to improve all the interactions at the basis of its business (sales, opportunities, contacts and business leads, marketing campaigns, projects, tasks, calls, meetings, contracts and much more).

A functional smartworking tool in order to stay always in touch with its audience, in a simple and immediate way, improving the general profitability and the internal company organization.

Corporate collaborative chat

Official corporate collaborative live chat: your company’s smart communication space.

Designed to replace e-mail and long (and dispersive) business conversations, the collaborative chat offers the possibility to share, in a single solution, texts, documents, contracts, requests or simple messages with the entire team included in the same chat. The collaborative chat work areas allow you to organize communications through channels (for group discussions) and, of course, to send private messages, files and more in one place.
Available for all types of devices and operating systems.


In order not to stop and/or slow down work activities, especially those who do not yet have online eCommerce, we offer our hosting services for free. Comcart ensures companies the possibility to be online in a short time, in a simple way, while guaranteeing the highest security standards.



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