Business to Business, also known as B2B or BtoB, is a form of eCommerce that takes place between companies and business partners. In recent years, this market has experienced enormous growth, both in economic and social terms.

In fact, the volume of B2B transactions is considerably higher than in B2C (business to consumer). According to estimates, in 2018 the value of B2B transactions was 2,700 billion, of which 335 billion generated by eCommerce alone, with a relevance of 75% on the turnover of Italian companies.

This exponential growth in B2B eCommerce, therefore, is a trend that can no longer be ignored.

Why an eCommerce?

Today, less than 50% of B2B companies have online eCommerce. This means that a huge segment of brands is not fully exploiting the potential of this technology. Therefore, many companies are giving up entering into innovation, as well as a great business opportunity.

An online eCommerce can actually bring great benefits to a brand’s business. Let’s see which ones.

  • Sell directly to retailers, traders, wholesalers and distributors, increasing conversions and turnover
  • Strengthen a strong corporate image online, which allows you to attract new business partners and stakeholders
  • Explore new market segments and potential new targets, reaching niches as well as the masses.
  • Develop new and innovative marketing strategies, tailored to online consumer profiling
  • Optimise costs and investments, which are more difficult to control in the offline market

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