Questions and answers about your eCommerce

What can I do with Comcart?

With ComCart you can easily create an eCommerce site for online sales, or a company site. You can insert and organize your products and services independently, define discounts and offers, manage orders and check payments.

How do I start selling online?

Simply access the administration panel, load the products into the warehouse, define payment methods and carriers for shipping. All this using your favorite web browser.

Which languages can I activate in my eCommerce?

ComCart supports up to 52 additional languages to allow you to extend your business beyond national borders.

I use a management system. Can I synchronize stock and orders with Comcart?

At any time, you can export from ComCart an Excel or CSV file containing your warehouse, orders and customer data. If a more complete bidirectional integration is necessary, we are at your disposal to evaluate an ad hoc development.

Can I connect to eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress or other Marketplaces?Can I connect to eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress or other Marketplaces?

Absolutely yes! Since ComCart is a platform based on WordPress and WooCommerce, there are paid plugins that integrate Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress.

What are the accepted payment methods which I can offer to my customers?

ComCart supports the most used and convenient online and offline payments: Paypal, Credit Card on PayPal, Bank transfer, Money order, Cash on delivery, Payment at the point of sale, and every month we add more. All payment systems are already enabled without any additional cost.