We offer you a wide range of fully managed services that can be completely integrated into your eCommerce, including:


EMA (Email Marketing Automation)

Integrated system that allows you to send targeted strategic content and communicate directly with your audience or potential consumers. Send a notification to your customers, launch a product, a discount or a promotion automatically. Prevent you from leaving the cart with ad hoc messages and exclusive offers for your target audience.

Behind every contact there is a potential customer to whom it is essential to offer the right user experience in order to turn him or her into one!

    • Perfectly integrated with our eCommerce module
    • Zero limits: unlimited mailings and contact lists
    • Fully customizable graphic templates
    • Regular campaigns and self-responders
    • Unlimited number of email marketing campaigns
    • Performance Reports & Analytics
    • Compliance with GDPR regulations
    • Intuitive and easy to use interface
    • Retargeting  


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This is one of the most innovative and high-performance tools used to effectively manage customer relationships, and potential customers, and to improve all the interactions at the base of your business (sales, opportunities, contacts and business leads, marketing campaigns, projects, tasks, calls, meetings, contracts and much more).

Identify and manage the profiles of acquired and potential customers and implement ad hoc strategies to increase conversions and maximize profits, understanding their needs and expectations. Always stay in touch with your audience, in a simple and immediate way, improving the profitability of your business.


Content & SEO

Your eCommerce is also perfectly integrated into the main communication channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

ComCart creates targeted content for the platforms in question, starting from a deep study of the concept of your brand and your products, in order to generate visibility and interaction by your community and build loyalty with it. A monthly editorial plan, always subject to your attention that accompanies the development of your business with attractive content made in SEO key, with a view to increasing your Search Engine Visibility.

But that’s not all. We also take care of the shops integrated with the different social platforms, such as Facebook Shop: an additional showcase where you can display your products.


Analytics & Report

We believe that your business, in order to really perform and be able to scale in the relevant market should be highly measurable with reliable data.
For these reasons we have created ComCart Analytics: a simple and intuitive interface where you will always have detailed analysis of your eCommerce trends at your disposal!

Sales trends, analysis of traffic, audience and related socio-demographic segmentation, navigation habits and much more, demonstrated and described in a clear and precise way.

This will allow you to constantly monitor your performance and have a deep awareness of the trends of your business. This service also includes the preparation, by our team of experts, of a more detailed monthly report, containing a general overview of trends, a six-month comparative analysis and final considerations with useful tips to improve the performance of your eCommerce. 


Company collaborative chat

Official company live chat: the communication space between your company and our work team, always ready to support you. Designed to replace e-mail and long (and dispersive) business conversations, our collaborative chat offers the possibility to share, in a single solution, texts, documents, contracts, requests or simple messages with our team that will manage them.

The collaborative chat work areas allow you to organize communications through channels (for group discussions) and, of course, allow you to send private messages, files and more in one place. You can download an app on both your computer and mobile phone and communicate with our team at any time.