ComCart guarantees the highest safety standards. All information related to processes, payments and internal management of your eCommerce is and will always be protected with us.

The direct connection between ComCart and the supported gateways, systems and payment methods always takes place on an encrypted protocol (https). Every eCommerce created with us, moreover, is already configured to connect with all major online payment systems: PayPal, credit and debit cards and much more. In addition to these, classic offline payments are also supported: bank transfer, cash on delivery and collection at the point of sale.

Security issues in the technology and IT sector are not details that companies with online eCommerce can afford to overlook.
These should be a priority for all online shops that want to ensure a safe shopping experience for their customers.

ComCart assures complete security in the realization and management of your eCommerce, secure against cyber-attacks, fraud, bots and spam.
We seriously take issues related to Cyber Security. The better the security protocols of your eCommerce, the better your brand will be able to maintain its reputation and gain the trust of its customers.

Integrity, authenticity and respect for privacy are three fundamental elements of our mission.

In ComCart reliability and need to provide quality services are priorities. We do not allow ourselves to make mistakes, especially from the point of view of the security of your eCommerce. Our policy provides for a production cycle that is monitored and managed by several professionals in the industry, in order to be sure of the result and our performance.

For over 15 years, we guarantee our customers the implementation and management of secure, high-performance, automated and reliable eCommerce.

Join the innovation with ComCart!